High Variance Slots

JeffBet has an extensive selection of the finest high volatility slots on the market. Similar to the various other wagering options available at our online casino, our players will undoubtedly be able to locate high-volatility slots according to their preferences.

What Exactly Are High Volatility Slot Machines?

The number of available reels, special features, bonus rounds, and other factors, such as paylines, clusters, megaways, etc., are the primary factors that differentiate slots. However, slot volatility is an aspect of slot machines and online wagering that is rarely discussed.


The variance of a slot machine determines the probability of landing a successful combination and the expected return percentage. Slot machines with a large disparity between the minimum and utmost payouts are referred to as having high volatility.


High-volatility slots are the riskiest games a player can play, as they may go for extended stretches without producing large winning combinations. In games with such significant volatility, payouts are rare. As a result of the volatility of slot machines, payouts are substantially larger. Slots with a high variance carry a high level of risk, but also offer large rewards. However, the reward, which is frequently a progressive jackpot, is also worthwhile to pursue. The greater the prizes offered, the riskier the slot machine game.


When playing slots with high volatility, you need a sizable bankroll to pursue large wins. Therefore, these slot machines are intended for high rollers who are patiently seeking large wins and rewards. Numerous renowned slots with high volatility include Immortal Romance and Dead or Alive.


Ultimately, most seasoned casino players prefer slots with greater volatility. Low volatility slots, on the other hand, are more popular with casual slot players because they offer more frequent minor wins. Contrary to popular belief, volatility does not necessarily correlate with RTP, so you cannot anticipate a volatile slot to have a high RTP.


How do high volatility slot machines operate?

Due to the slot’s volatility, you may have to wait for a win. However, highly volatile slots are designed for those desiring large wins while playing slots. Once you’ve matched the high-paying symbols, you’re eligible for additional free spins and games that could yield payouts such as 1,000 times your wager. Prizes typically range from 500x to 1,000x your wager, resulting in a massive payout if you’re fortunate enough to hit the correct combination. After all, each slot game has its own payout percentage; some fortunate players have even received a return of 20,000 times their initial wager.


In slots with a high level of volatility, even the low-paying symbols can award payouts of 50x or more. Therefore, you can anticipate remarkable payouts when winning on such slot machines.


Slots such as Madame Destiny offer rewards ranging from £45,000 to £135,000. Since there are only ten paylines in the game, these large rewards will not occur frequently.


Determining Slot Volatility

The initial step is to choose positions based on volatility. Compare the payoff for four identical symbols on a payline to the payout potential for five identical symbols. Three to five times the quantity is typically the payout difference for slot machines with low variance. Slots with medium variance have a payoff difference of five to ten times, while slots with high variance have a payout difference of ten to fifteen times.


The most accurate method for determining the level of volatility of a slot game is to play it (especially in trial mode). The longer you play, the simpler it will be to determine the frequency of payouts and the value of each payout. Remember that the longer you wait between wins and the larger the wins, the more volatile the online slot machine.


Explaining the Difference Between Low, Medium, and High Volatility Slots

The differences between low, medium, and high volatility positions are listed below:


High Variance Slots

High-volatility slot machines are optimal for those who enjoy taking risks. There may be times when you do not win, but when you do, the rewards are well worth the wait. However, these positions may not be suitable for those with a weak disposition.


High volatility slots are only worthwhile if you have a substantial bankroll and the corresponding enthusiasm. This form of slot machine requires a sizable bankroll, as there may be extended periods without payouts, so you should only play these if you are comfortable with the potential risks. Despite the fact that these slot games offer more alluring incentives and features, such as sticky wilds, it is best to review the game’s terms and conditions to determine your position. Before playing high-volatility slot games, it is also advised to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.


Slots with Medium Volatility

Slots with medium volatility are extremely popular among both novice and seasoned casino players. It is primarily due to the fact that medium volatility slots offer the advantages of both low and high volatility games.


The payouts of medium volatility slots are lesser but more frequent than those of high volatility slots. Moreover, in comparison to low volatility slots, payouts for medium volatility games are significantly greater. If you appreciate slots for fun but still want decent payouts, you have access to many bonus features, such as wild reels.


If you budget properly, you can play slots with medium volatility for much longer than those with high volatility. These also offer rewards of greater value than games with lower volatility.


Low Volatility Machines

Low volatility slot games offer more frequent payments, but these payouts are likely to be smaller than those of high volatility slot games. This is why these games are so popular among new participants.


While substantive victories are uncommon, they are not nonexistent. However, they may never match the value that slots with high volatility offer. As with their payout frequency, low variance slots are typically fast-paced, and due to their low risk, they have a dedicated following.


These slot machines are popular among online gamblers who seek entertainment rather than high stakes. These players also have smaller budgets, which can be augmented by numerous minor wins throughout the game.


High Volatility Slots Feature

The essential characteristics of high volatility slots include:


They carry a greater risk.

Although the rewards are larger, they are infrequent.

These games offer substantial awards.

They offer more features than slots with medium or low volatility.

They require larger bankrolls and greater perseverance to play.

High-Volatility Online Slots: Their Benefits

The advantages of playing high variance slots at online casinos are as follows:


More Bonus Options

Over the years, slot game bonuses have evolved substantially, and some now feature mini-games as rewards. In addition, high variance slots offer more bonuses than other slot variants, such as scatters, free spins, and cascading reels.


Big Wins

No other casino game offers the same opportunity to become wealthy quickly as slot machines, assuming you play the appropriate machines. Slots with high volatility are known to offer the largest jackpots, and some even offer seven- or eight-figure prizes.


For example, Megabucks once awarded a windfall worth $39.7 million. In 2021, Mega Moolah also awarded an astounding €19,430,723.60 to a Belgian gambler.


While low variance slot machines also offer reasonable payouts, they may never approach the prizes offered by high volatility games, regardless of how rare they are.



There are a few drawbacks to playing high-volatility slots, despite the fact that they may appear thrilling. Below are the disadvantages of categories with high variance:


Less Frequent Wins

As previously stated, you cannot expect to win as frequently when playing games with a high variance. Such games do not pay nearly as frequently as games with lower volatility. As a consequence, you will have to endure more losing streaks.


Bankroll Management DIfficulties

Bankroll management is essential for maximizing your enjoyment of slot games. Managing your bankroll allows you to avoid potential losses due to excessive wagering. However, games with a high level of volatility make this strategy more difficult because they entail greater risk.


High Volatility Slots Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked queries we receive about high-volatility slot machines, and our responses.


 Will I find slots with high volatility at JeffBet?

Yes. At JeffBet, there are many slots with a high volatility. Sign up using their welcome incentive, choose a game with a high volatility, and start spinning.

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