When it comes to slot machines, it takes something unique to create a big splash, and Explodiac offers that something special in spades. You may win up to 1,000 times your entire stake when you play this slot game’s five reels, which also has exploding wilds that will assist you in winning big jackpots. Extinction is one of those online slots that is more exciting than it seems on the surface. As we examine the mechanics and features in depth, our in-depth study will demonstrate how to do so.

Explodiac Slot Machine Instructions for Playing Online

It is the traditional 5-reel, three-row layout of the Explodiac slot machine that many gamers are already acquainted with, and this is retained in the game. There are a total of ten fixed paylines that may be used to create winning combos from left to right across the screen. The fundamental iconography for fruits, as well as the famous 7 sign, are included in the traditional theme.

Because there are no progressive jackpots, free spins, or bonus games in this game, the gameplay is rather straightforward. It does, however, include unique wild symbols that appear on the first three reels. Whenever a wild symbol appears on the screen, it explodes and transforms all of the symbols in its immediate vicinity into wilds as well.

Explodiac is a video slot that can be played online, on a desktop computer, or on a mobile device. The settings are straightforward, and you may place bets on individual lines for as little as $0.01 or as much as $10. Keep in mind that the ten paylines are fixed, and your total wager for the spin will be ten times more than your initial bet amount. Once you’ve decided on your bet size, just click on the button to the right to begin spinning the reels.

Following the landing of a winning combination, you have the option of collecting the payment or entering the winnings into one of the two gambling games that are offered. The main card game in Explodiac is supplemented with a ladder mini-game that doubles the payoff.

How to Win Money on the Explodiac Slot Machine

Because of the limited amount of symbols on the five reels of the Explodiac slot game, achieving a winning combination is relatively straightforward. There are just seven standard symbols in play, which means that even on the 10 paylines, there will be plenty of opportunities to win. In order to produce a winning combination, you must have at least three matching symbols on the same line, and the winning combination must begin on the leftmost reel.

With five of them in a line, the number seven is the highest-paying symbol, and it may quickly become your lucky number if you get five of them. This combination is worth 100 times the amount of the line bet. When the Bomb sign comes on the screen, it will almost always result in a victory since it is a wild symbol. This is due to the fact that it will transform all of the symbols next to it into wilds as well. When you combine three wild reels with stacked sevens, you have a chance to win a jackpot worth 10,000 times your stake per line.

How Do the Winnings from Explodiac Compare to the Winnings from Other Slot Games?

The maximum prize in Explodiac is $100,000, which may be won with a total stake of $100. This is not quite as amazing as the highest payouts available in certain Las Vegas slots, nor does it come close to the multi-million dollar progressive jackpots offered in games like as Mega Moolah. Having said that, the jackpot is far simpler to claim and is well worth pursuing. With Explodiac, all it takes is a strategically placed wild to create a substantial reward.

Bonuses for Slots that are Exploding in Size

As previously stated, there are no free spins or any extra rounds available in this game. The gameplay, on the other hand, is rather easy and really works well with the traditional fruit motif.

The wild symbol, which is represented by a picture of a bomb, is the only additional feature available in this slot machine. This is also the source of the slot’s name, since any bomb symbol that appears on the screen will cause it to detonate immediately. The explosion covers all of the symbols in the immediate vicinity, transforming them into wild symbols. The trouble is that these bomb symbols are quite hard to come across, and it will take quite some time before you see one on the screen.

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